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Founded in 2010, has grown into the most popular unicorn dating site. It provides find a unicorn service for thousands of bisexual couples. Finding the right couple partners and unicorn women for the FFM threesome is the most important step. This site has more than 2.2million members including bisexual couples, single unicorn woman and the single mature men who want to have FFM threesome with two others. All the people here are open-minded and can find themselves in threesome dating fun of. Here threesome unicorn dating is not simply a pursuit of sexual satisfaction but more like a kind of social, you can get sex and feelings from it.


Gold Membership
1-Month $29.95 $0.99 per day
3-Months $59.95 $19.98 per month
6-Months $95.95 $15.99 per month

You can complete a free registration to become a member in less than 2 minutes and start your unicorn dating trip. But you need to pay to upgrade your account to a gold member before you can use all the advanced features. Of course, you can become a free member first and choose to pay after using a free feature for a while. According to statistics, more than 95% of users have chosen to become a gold member within 3 days of registration! This means that they can easily find their own FFM threesome partners and have unicorn dating as they willing to.

Top Features:

  • Friends List. is not only a unicorn dating site but also a social platform that allows you to meet more people and chat with them online. You can check your friends list to find out the basics of your friends such as age, height, preferences, work and what kind of dating partner you are looking for.
  • Video Chat. Compared to the impression that information can bring, video chat can more specifically express a person's appearance. This is also the most concerned about many threesome dating partners. You and your friends can see each other through the Internet video connection to see if they are the type they like, and then choose whether to proceed to the next step.
  • Profile. Create information about you to let people know you faster, and help you find the right threesome dating couple or unicorn woman. Of course, you can also choose to hide your personal information from others at any time.
  • Privacy. As a dating site, providing information security for members is the most important and fundamental. All member information will be safely stored and will not be disclosed to any scammers. Some people like find a unicorn woman or threesome dating online but don't want people around to know it, can help him do this.

Pros and Cons


  • Website features are beneficial for members to access and use
  • Protecting the security of personal information will not be easily leaked
  • Simple and clear navigation to make first-time users more proficient
  • Will match different dating partners according to different preferences


  • If you want to log out of your account, you will verify your email information
  • Not very suitable for finding a sexual relationship between two people

Editor's evaluation: is a threesome unicorn dating site that has gained popularity in recent years and has become a leading brand for online dating, designed for couples looking for unicorn. And when matching the appropriate dating partners for members, it will give priority to hobbies and finding the same goals. After all, all the people who come here are looking for someone who can have the same concept of self, which may be difficult to achieve in your daily life. Here, you will not be deceived and discriminated against.