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Visit SiteVisit Site IOS App Android App Review is not only adating site but also a date club designed for couples meet couples or couples looking for other single women to have threesome. Many bisexual couples can easily find the right threesome dating and swinger dating partners here. This site has no long history but has a huge advantage in dating services. For each gold member, it can provide a customized custom dating plan to give them meet couples partners, and provide a lot of opportunities for members to get satisfied couples threesome dating. When you choose, it means you will experience an unforgettable threesome in a short time. This is a dating site designed for find couples, so it is easier for couples to join the dating than singles.

Although it seems that is the online dating site of find couples, don't misunderstand that it only offers opportunities for meet couples. In fact, not only can couple threesome with unicorn woman be found, but also the couples have the opportunity to have a swinger dating. All the members here are open-minded and hope to have sex with other partners. That's why it attracts more couples dating partners. It turns out that almost everyone who comes here will register as a member because registration is free and the site itself is attractive enough.


Gold Membership
1-Month $29.95 $0.99 per day
3-Months $59.94 $19.98 per month
12-Months $150.00 $12.50 per month

You can sign up for a regular membership for free, but you can also choose to pay to upgrade your account to become a member of the gold members to unlock more dating services and features. There are three kinds of gold plans, of which 12-month is the most cost-effective one. You can choose to join according to your needs. However, this price may change slightly. You need to pay attention to its homepage to get the latest price when you renew your fee. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, fee and check card, PayPal, bank check or money order by post.

Top Features:

  • Most bisexual people come from a variety of LGBT online communities, and this topic is now often discussed by many online media. One of the main topics is how to build a platform that can find love for bisexual couple and bisexual single. An important criterion for evaluating whether a dating site is excellent is whether it can provide a corresponding service for all types of people. It turns out that Bicupid is doing very well in this regard. It is undeniable that LGBT will be subject to certain discrimination and even crowding out on many occasions. But Bicupid is able to treat everyone equally, and all members here can easily find a reliable long-term relationship and have a good experience regardless of your sexual orientation. This is very good.
  • Maybe you are the first time bisexual dating with strangers, with a little shyness and fear. Worries and concerns are often inevitable and can even affect the impression you have left in the first Dating. At this point you will need some tips to help you better find bisexual partners. Bicupid can not only provide you with a lot of opportunities to meet people who share your interests, but also bring you many tips and experiences to help you adapt and integrate into this dating atmosphere more quickly. Of course, there are many types of help, not necessarily videos, but you can still get some tips and useful information through some articles or members' experiences. This information can often help you effectively and accurately. In addition to what these members share, the site itself has a guiding function to help people who use it for the first time. You don't have to worry about not knowing how to use it or not. I believe that you can master how to use it and get what you want in a very short time.
  • No scam and Ads. Bicupid focuses on the user experience more than they receive. Imagine if a gold member would always be aware of fraudulent information or other irrelevant images, comments or even invitations when looking for bisexual dating, which would be a very bad experience. So the site treats all members as an advanced system, provides professional services, and actively helps them filter to any spam messages and emails. Members can freely choose the features they want and use without worrying about whether they are Will be deceived. This makes bisexual dating faster, safer and more efficient.
  • Thanks to the social features of Bicupid, you can also experience online chat here. Sometimes you need to talk and share more with others to gain more experience and support. The site understands this and invests a lot of technology to open this feature. This is the advantage over most other dating sites, providing amazing technical support for members to find the right bisexual dating faster. Because of this, you will not have any difficulties in communicating with others. When you find your dating partners, you can agree on the time and place to meet, and a faster meeting can make your relationship a step closer. You should give each other more opportunities to contact yourself, by chatting or meeting. This is the simplest way to communicate and is the most effective.
  • Pros and Cons


    • Good customer service and support 24/7
    • The largest LGBT community in the world without discrimination
    • Many amazing advanced dating features
    • Join as a member for free
    • Download the corresponding app for free


    • This is a dating site for special people and may not be suitable for others
    • It seems a bit expensive to become a gold member, but it's cheaper if you choose a long-term subscription

    Editor's Evaluation

    Bicupid can be said to be excellent in providing exclusive bisexual dating service for bicurious. For the first-time members, there is a very simple and neat navigate that allows you to familiarize yourself with the various functions and register in 1 minute, which is undoubtedly amazing. More and more LGBT community members like to use the Bicupid to look for bisexual dating, because this is a very good outstanding representative. All LGBT here are able to find satisfactory dating partners.

    No longer have to worry about can't find a suitable sexual partner because of your different sexual orientation, Bicupid being able to save you and give you a new life. All you have to do is join in and become a member and start having fun.

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